Kremienok – Children’s Folk Group

Children aged 5-16 years dance in the childrens folklore ensemble Kremienok. Three generations of children have already been replaced during the 27-year history of the ensemble. Repertoire based on authentic folklore of the area Terchova, Myjava, Horehronie and other parts of Slovakia. Singing and dancing repertoir is complemented by funny games and other plays of the lives of children in a rural past. The art of small and large audiences adore children in Slovakia and abroad.


25th anniversary of the group

17. 12. 2014

The new premiere program called „Zavrť sa mi dievča“ in occasion of 25th anniversary of the group was presented in middle of January 2014. The performance which tooks almost three hours was seen by roughly 800 spectators and was compiled from dances and singings from various regions of Slovakia.

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Lúčnica - 85 years old Štefan Nosáľ

23. 01. 2012

From 18 to  21 January 2012 we have been part of the performances of art ensemble "Lúčnica" as the birthday celebration of the 85 years of its fundator and leader, Mr. Štefan Nosáľ. Destipe the tiring rehersals and waiting time at backstage we had an incredible experiance not only from admirable production but mainly from many of proffesional dancer, singers and musicians we met on the stage or at the backstage.

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Our music CD

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