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Headline: Nas tip
Datum: 30/03/1999
Source: HD

Ten years of excellent performances, thankful spectators – that’s Kremienok. Since 1989, this folklore ensemble has dealt out joy and beauty. So far, more than 100 Bratislava children, ages 4 to 12, have participated. Currently, 70 children are enrolled. The ensemble’s program consists of dancing, singing, and music from various districts of Slovakia – Vazec ……… The ensemble gave almost 100 performances and one of their last successes was that they became laureates of the Bratislava district at the sixteenth children’s folklore festival in Presov in 1997.

Headline: Bratislava’s children in the ensemble Kremienok bring the folklore of Central Slovakia to the audience.
Datum: 31/03/1999
Source: SME

The premiere performance of the children’s folklore ensemble Kremienok from Bratislava took place on Saturday on the tenth anniversary of its foundation. The performance provided the spectators with such folklore customs as a Spring event in Vazec – Omilienci, where girls dress up, promenade through the village and sing, or boys dance the “odzemok” with sticks, or pre-Christmas wizardry whereby the girls are trying to guess the name of their future spouse, and samples of various temperamental dances.

Headline: Ten years of Kremienok – ANNIVERSARY
Datum: 22/04/1999
Source: Národná obroda

The children’s folklore ensemble Kremienok was founded in 1989. It is located in the Leisure Center on Stefanik Street in Bratislava. Since its foundation, more than 100 children, ages 4 to 12, have participated. Currently 70 children are enrolled. Its program ….(same as above). The folklore music Jarabina accompanies their performances.
The choreographer and art director is Katarina Baginova. Her inspiration came from actual types of children, or dancing or singing solos. The ensemble has performed 100 times and one of its last successes was that it became the laureate for the Bratislava district at the sixteenth children’s folklore festival in Presov in 1997.
Katarína Hojová, Bratislava

Headline: The open day at Volkswagen
Datum: 06/07/1999
Source: Národná obroda

...A rich cultural program introduced by the moderator Petra Bernasovska characterized the open day. Among the performers was the children’s folklore ensemble Kremienok, the moderator of the TV program Kakao – Martin Vanek and singer Martin Madej. A modern dance group performed the finale....
Martina Matejová, Bratislava

Headline: Meeting with Santa Claus for families with many children
Datum: 06/12/2002
Source: SME

Families with 4 or more children are invited to a party. Nadacia Help at the university pastoral center organizes the get-together. The program includes gifts from Santa and performance of the folklore ensemble Kremienok with children of the multi-children families. The party is on Sunday at 2 p.m. in the Center at Stare Grunty 36.

Headline: Benefit concert for Forum of Life
Datum: 16/11/2002
Source: SME

The concert will be held at the Mirror Hall of the Primacialny Palac tomorrow at 5 p.m.. The concert reminds us of the anniversary of declaration of children’s rights, as promulgated by the General Assembly of the U.N. on 20th of November 1989. The proceeds of the concert will go towards the support of safe houses for mothers with children. Participants will be ….Bratislava’s boys’ choir, …. Folklore ensemble Kremienok …. and others.


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