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Year of creation

Lístočku dubový A stepping dance Horehron 1994
Oblievačka Easter customs; it is not easy to whip all girls in the village Kubra pri Trenčíne 1996
Volanie leta How girls woke up nature with singing and dancing Kubra pri Trenčíne 1996
Prútikový Little girls dance while minding geese Kubra pri Trenčíne 1996
Trávnice Rakes and sheets are not only for work Kubra pri Trenčíne 1996
Pred muzikou The mayor has been elected, so let’s dance Kubra pri Trenčíne 1996
Omilienci Spring is coming, let’s sing Važec 1999
Vauasi Are we fit, boys? Važec 1999
Čarovačky Listen to the new gossip Važec 1999
Ten Važec Dance before the music Važec 1999
A veru basiaru, uder na tú basu Dance from Terchova including battle between boys and girls Terchová 1999
Ludia na mna povedajú Dance of small couples with wooden sabres Myjava 2004
Mám ja sýkorenku Typical dances of younger and older couples Myjava 2004
Pavička Dance of small girls Zemplín 2009
Loškový Typical dance of boys with spoons Zemplín 2009
Karička Typical "circle" dance of girls Zemplín 2009
Vešele Typical dances of younger and older couples Zemplín 2009
Kubranská tancovačka Typical dances and younger and older couples Kubra 2014
Patierskej hry Outdoor games of boys  Soblahov 2014
Žeň sa braček Typical dances of younger and older couples Očová 2014


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